Mark (dollymaniac) wrote in cteen87,

What Can I Do?

Well, to start off I will introduce myself. My name is Mark Raymond Cubbage, I am 16--soon to be 17--and live in Virginia. I am a Christian and still seeking to be Baptised and serve God 24/7.

The problem:

I joined a community called law_questions on LJ. This was to find out the what the Virginia codes of Labor are. However, I started reading post and giving my insights on the problems people are facing. Now, a girl said she needed help for her boyfriend because he wanted to find out whether or not this chip he could claim as his own. SHe said his boss left it and he quit and has trid to give it to him and it has been a year. IS it his she asked. I said no, that it was theft and greed and that the bible forbids these things. I got comments saying "Save it fo church" and "Jesus is not the Law" and "Ah, another mouthless babe". What should I, as a christian do in a situation like this?
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